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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What Are We Working On? Part 4

Short Stories

Along with my novel-length works I also have a plethora of short stories I'm working on. I thought it would be fun to touch on some of those in this series as well. For a while there I wasn't sure if I'd be able to write a short story. To tell a complete story in this format was daunting to me, as I truly love to explore deep into my character's hearts, digging up and uncovering what they are all about in different situations. But once I had my first short under my belt, the ideas came pouring out for more, and in many different genres. Here is a sneak peak into one of those that is out on submission.

Burial in Creelsboro by AJ Caywood

Dusty and Lauren Gibson were living an idyllic life until she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The disease claimed his wife, along with Dusty's dreams. In his grief, Dusty decides to bury his wife at the back of the family farm in the small Creelsboro cemetery instead of in town. He wanted her close and he wanted her safe, and no one could persuade him otherwise--not even an old terrifying legend connected with that cemetery. Dusty soon comes to understand the terrible consequences of his choice, and why some traditions are abandoned and left in the past.


I have some short stories that are already published and available. Just hop on over to my website to find Baykal's Bane, The Promise, and an array of shorts available in anthologies.

Happy Reading!

Anna/AJ Caywood

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  1. Gloating because I got to read this one--it gave me chills!! Fantastic paranormal and touching characterization. Good luck with the mag subs, lady.