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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

2010. Wow. I always heard that time flies faster the older you get, but this is ridiculous! I blinked, my son turned four, and 2009 disappeared. By the time I'm a granny, I'll have to stop blinking or I'll miss everything!

Do I make New Year's resolutions? No, because then I'm never disappointed in myself. This year I did say I would try to be a better mom (you know, be more patient and understanding), but I always say that, so that's nothing new.

The one thing I did do to start off 2010 right was to finish writing another full length novel--Woohoo!! Of course, that's the easiest part of being an author. Not that writing is easy (though it's so much fun), but then comes editing, proofreading, querying, hopefully publishing, promoting, and marketing. Ugh. It's all part of the job, but it's not nearly as entertaining as the creation of beloved characters and story. Then again, the compensations are meeting new readers and getting invaluable feedback, plus hopefully receiving an income from the work.

I have great hopes for 2010. I hope I can see my son through preschool and into kindergarten without either of us going crazy. I hope my friends and family find the happiness they deserve. And I hope I become rich and famous. Okay, maybe not famous, but I can handle rich.
Happy New Year and All the Best.