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Monday, September 21, 2009

What Are We Working On? Part 3

Here There Be Dragons by Michelle O’Leary

This is the second installment in The Sunscapes Trilogy, a science fiction romantic adventure about the epic struggle between two mega companies that will decide the fate of the entire galaxy. On one side we have Shay Enterprises and the Shay twins, mysterious and dangerous, as unpredictable as they are beautiful. On the other side we have Quasicore and Webster Griffin, ruthless and lethal, whose hunger for power and control might just destroy all civilization.

Here There Be Dragons picks up where Last Chance left off, following Nick Givliani as he investigates Shay Enterprises, and Cassie Draegen as she desperately struggles to fulfill the next step in the Shay’s battle plan against Quasicore. As their resident genius and driven by a dark past of her own, Cassie is the Shay’s technological advantage over Quasicore. But that doesn’t make her safe, from Griffin or from Nick’s investigations. The following is a snippet of Here There Be Dragons for your reading pleasure.

Thoughts multi-tasking at light speed, Cassie automatically cleaned up the remains of her breakfast and headed for the door, her mind’s eye seeing code and algorithms, schematics and components, rather than her quarters. But all brain function came to a screeching halt, as she stepped out into the corridor and saw that she wasn’t alone.

Nick Givliani.

A Federated Planetary Alliance inspector, here on the pretense of visiting his brother. But his real reason for remaining on the station was to investigate the Shays. He’d grown suspicious of the twins’ activities and was concerned about his brother’s involvement with them, so it didn’t surprise Cassie to hear that he’d been rather enthusiastic in his investigation so far. Considering her position with the Shays, it was only a matter of time before he started investigating her.

That meant she needed to be cautious around him. Avoiding him like a plague would be a good idea. At the moment, though, she was having trouble just remembering to breathe.

Suns, she groaned to herself, why does he have to be so friggin’ beautiful?

For those who read the first book, Last Chance, and are waiting impatiently for this installment, I beg your patience and understanding. I know where this story is supposed to go, and it’s driving me nuts not to finish it immediately, but there have been life events and priorities that have kept me away from it. Argh! What I need is a long writer’s vacation. Anybody got a winning lotto ticket???

Peace and Love,

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