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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Day Writing

Today as I look out my big dining room window, everything is covered in white. We are supposed to get up to five inches of snow today, which in some places may not be much, but here it is a pretty decent snowfall. I'll be stuck in the house all day today and maybe even tomorrow. When I look out my window with everything snow covered and quiet, I don't just see that one image. I always end up coming up with what if and from there my mind races with ideas and characters. I can't help it, that's just how my mind works and I bet a lot of writers do that. Sometimes I get frustrated with how many ideas will pop into my head, and having to choose one when the others won't leave me alone distracts me. Sometimes the one idea I choose to start on comes to a standstill. That's when it's a great thing to have other ideas on the back burner. I'm hoping that these next couple of days I'll be able to capitalize on one of those ideas, or make great strides in one of my on-going stories that need to be finished. The snow, the quiet, my coffee and my laptop--a perfect writing invironment for me!

I've had a new essay recently published in a new book titled Answered Prayers by Barbara Popyach. It was a short essay, just a few paragraphs, and it focused on my answered prayer of being able to walk again after my accident so I could raise my daughters. I haven't even been able to read the book yet. I've seen the cover and it is lovely and I know Barbara (the editor) was very happy with how it turned out. I'm still doing readings and signings for my story in the book Appalachian Angels. Those readings slow down during the winter but there is one set for February in Berea. I hope the weather is mild so we can make that one. I am looking forward to warm weather and doing more of the readings and signings.

This year I hope to write much more than last year. Last year was a bad writing funk for me. I do have a few stories out in submission land, and there is one in particular where my query was good enough that my ms was requested. Still no word back from any of them yet. I need to push the anxiety of waiting to the side and concentrate on writing. So now I think I'll refill my cup of coffee, glance out that picture window, and let my imagination run wild. That blank white screen in word is counting on it.