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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gettin' Back in the Saddle

This summer has flown by for me this year. My brother got married and I helped handle the rehearsal dinner while my husband was best man. My youngest turned sixteen and that was a major birthday to plan. We had four birthday parties within three weeks of each other and that sure kept us scrambling. There was also a flood in our area that almost got us and we had to clean up and repair our damaged deck from that. I can’t leave out all the teenagers coming and going with their non-stop activities of summer. Throw in a quickie vacation to the Smoky Mountains and a few book readings I attended and that brought my summer full circle. Now we are reaching the season’s end. I’ve barely written a full paragraph through all of this, and I feel guilty and a little lost. It hasn’t been easy knowing the publisher that accepted and published my first novel closed its doors this summer either. But now it is time to bounce back!

The youngin’ is back at school so I’m hoping the multiple teen activities will slow down now. The house is quiet again. I need that quiet to sit and let my mind wander to create new stories and characters that have been pent up all these months. I’m hoping it’ll be a storm of creativity flowing through my fingertips! I’ve found a few places opening up to accept submissions where I think some of my revised shorts may fit. Once I get those polished and sent I will get back to one of those novels I’ve started and haven’t finished. At this point it’ll be like getting back to the starting gate, only this time I’ll have a lot more experience. Gotta go; I hear the call to head to the gate!

My best to all,