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Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Is Coming...

But I'm afraid it's not the goose that's getting fat! One of the glorious and horrible things about the Holiday Season is the quality and quantity of food. Everyone has that special dish that they only make during this time of year, whether it's an entrée, side dish, or (God help us) dessert. My mother is famous for her kahlua truffles, my sister has a Jell-O mold that's addictive, and my other sister makes a special bread without which the holidays just wouldn't be the same. And none of them are making me any skinnier.

As complaints go, though, it's a pretty stinkin' minor one. Weight comes and goes, but family memories are forever. And the pleasure I get from consuming all these delicious, once-a-year dishes more than makes up for any weight gain. (Seriously, as a chocoholic, one kahlua truffle is worth at least a pound all by itself. ;) The comfort of great food only underlines my gratitude and joy in being with my family and friends during the holidays, and in providing my son with the chance to be with them as well. I spent too many years away from home to take it and my family for granted.

I've learned that creating wonderful memories with those you love is the best part about life, whether it's during a holiday or an average day of the week. There is nothing more important than being with loved ones, and during stressful occasions (like mad shopping rushes or staring aghast at the weight scale) I remind myself that it could be a heck of a lot worse.

So remember to feel the love, have a Happy Holidays, and pass the fudge. ;)
Peace & love,


  1. Sorry! I hoard the fudge this time of year :)

  2. Oh, come on! Where's that holiday spirit of giving?? LOL That's okay, dear, I've got more than enough. ;)
    Season's Greetings!

  3. We make up tins of candy and cookies to give away but I make a pan of fudge just for me and hide it every year. :)

  4. BRILLIANT! I believe I'm talking to a fellow chocoholic. (hehe) Very prudent of you, and inspirational...now which form of chocolate should I hoard?? Hmmm......

  5. I know the holidays are over for 2009, and I've also got the extra poundage to prove it! I do the same as Ladytink, filling tins full of goodies I make. This year I made peanut brittle, chocolate fudge, chocolate nut fudge, peanut butter fudge, sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookies to put in them. Then, for Christmas dinner, I made a chocolate pie and red velvet cake. Whew! I swear my right arm is bigger then my left due to all that stirring! It was a lot of work, but to see those big smiles when I hand out those tins and bring those desserts is all worth it. Plus, I get the 'look' as my family and friends questions me each year the holidays roll around "You are making goodies this year, right?" Meaning if I didn't, there would be consequences...

    When I look back I don't think of all the work that went into it, but like Michelle said, all those wonderful memories we created :)