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Friday, December 11, 2009

Twitter Haiku Challenge!

Twitter is a fun social network, great for meeting new people, exchanging ideas and info...and finding new addictions. My latest addiction was founded by a Twitter user named @baffled, who began a daily challenge to create haiku poetry (senryu is also accepted) incorporating a word-of-the-day. You can find @baffled on Twitter, or do a search on Twitter under the topic #haikuchallenge to see the latest entries. Even people who don't Twitter can join in the fun by going to Baffled's site: http://haikuchallenge.tumblr.com/

What follows are my challenge entries so far for December. I hope you enjoy reading my haiku/senryu poetry, and please feel free to comment on likes or dislikes! I'm greedy for feedback. ;)

Challenge word haze
Moon glows undaunted
Through haze of jealous thin cloud
Celestial pride.

Challenge word field
Fawn takes light steps in
Wide field of unbroken white
Innocent courage.

Challenge word course
Glacial cold seeks and
Follows its instinctive course
Ancient memory.

Challenge word myth
Ancient icy wind
Smothers world in white, turning
Footprints into myth.

Challenge word wager
Sun meets horizon
Wager lost against twilight
Night reaps its rewards.

Challenge word barely
Sweet treasure's wrapping
Brushed aside, barely breathing
Succulence revealed.

Challenge word delicious
Delicious slow touch
Inviting eyes, wicked smile
Wordless seduction.

Challenge word courage
Dragonfly hovers
Meeting my curious gaze
Small jeweled courage.

Challenge word beyond
He is light and joy
Child of a sorrowful womb
Love beyond tears.

Challenge word void
Brave stars fill the void
With their slow and distant dance
Hope enclosed in night.

Challenge word doubt
Full arching willow
Reaches beyond doubt to sky
Then falls weeping.


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