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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Speaking of Crazy...

I’ve had loads of caffeine and I just finished watching the movie The Cat in the Hat (Mike Myers) with my son. I can’t tell you how optimistic I feel right now. Anything is possible—keeping up with my son, finding a job, finding a print publisher for The Third Sign, and even finishing at least one of my writing projects.

Speaking of this last mission impossible, while waiting for inspiration to strike on the dozen or so unfinished WIPs on my writing plate, including the sequel to The Huntress and the second book in The Sunscapes Trilogy, I had a moment of crazy and let my characters out of the box. I can see my writing partner Anna giving me that look, so I’ll come clean—I have lots of moments of crazy. But this one’s a little loonier than most. The natives are getting restless waiting for me to finish their stories, so I created a little conversational platform called Character Talk where my well-loved (but often vindictive) characters gather together and have a brainstorming session on what to do about my writer’s block.


Well, I did warn you. And no, while I appreciate the offer of antipsychotic drugs, I’m doing just fine with the caffeine right now. I can offer some reassurance with the fact that my characters don’t actually yammer on in my head and this is only a piece of fiction. Mostly. You can find Character Talk on my site, Fertile Ground, at:

I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to tell me what you think, and keep that thorazine handy. I may need it later after the caffeine wears off. *wink*

Peace and love,

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  1. This is an awesome idea, Michelle! It was a blast to read Character Talk. Mea, Stone, Sin & Kai, plus all the rest of the gang were absolutely hilarious! And, ahem, are you listening to them? Tee hee! Write, woman, write!

  2. Thanks, chickie! Glad you enjoyed it. And I always listen to 'em...I can't get away from 'em! hehe Seriously, I'm happy to say I'm making progress on a few projects. Yay, me! :D