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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Novella Fun

To keep my readers going until I have another finished novel published, I've begun a project called DeeDeck Design, which is a science fiction romantic mystery. As I get chapters of this novella done (at least, I expect it to be novella length, but we'll see ;), they will be posted to my site for all to read and enjoy.

DeeDeck Design - In this story, Dr. Moira Bannen is making an intergalactic trip by psychic transfer from her body to her clone in another galaxy when something goes horribly wrong. The quick, creative actions of a transfer tech saves her life, but she discovers that it wasn't an accident - someone is trying to kill her. Enlisting the help of Jackson Coltier, a security specialist, she strives to find out who wants her dead and why she is a target before the killer tries again.

The first 4 chapters are already up, so if you haven't started reading it yet, runrunrun over to my site and join the novella fun! :D

~~Go to Fertile Ground to read DeeDeck Design~~

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