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Friday, July 17, 2009

In the beginning...

There was a blank blog with horrible, empty echoes.

And then my writing partner joins me! YAY! :D

Welcome to WordCrazyAuthors, where creativity is our favorite flavor of insanity. We're your hostesses with the mostest-es, AJ Caywood and Michelle O'Leary, published authors through DLSIJ Press. We both have many other online writing endeavors, plus Anna is the proud author of a short called "It was a He Angel" in a printed Anthology titled Appalachian Angels. Go Anna!! To find out more about our writings, please visit our respective websites at:


This lovely blog is still in major construction, but we love feedback, so if you've got things to say...SPEW!

Thanks, peace and love, more later.


  1. Answering myself is a sign of insanity. But I gotta check the look, peeps! Thank god for the edit button....

  2. *Pokes head in and looks around*

    Hey, starting to look good, lady!